WOODBOXPICTURES writes and produces documentaries and multi platform content with innovative narratives for major television networks.


Traveling and filming is written in our DNA. Through our lens we create emotions - from remote places around the world, directly into the living rooms and cinemas of our audience. Our mission: Translating the world into video.


We create non-fiction television, documentary and digital content, with no fear of crossing formats and genres. Always in quest of these honest moments, when people feel comfortable and forget that they are on camera.


WOODBOXPICTURES was founded by traveling filmmaker Markus Hilgert, with 15 years of experience, working for a variety of major production companies and studying film directing in Hamburg, Germany.

Our projects have taken us to more than 25 countries, all across the US, Europe, South America, Canada, Asia and Australia. 


We are storytellers by heart- committed  to deliver high quality content out of the most challenging situations - stories, we actually want to watch ourselves.